Universal Classic Monsters by Nicolas Delort /...

By Peloto Thomson

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Universal Classic Monsters by Nicolas Delort / Tumblr

18″ X 24″ 7 print series screen prints, numbered regular edition of 295 and variant edition of 125. Foil regular and variant editions of 10 respectively, plus a wood edition of 10. 

Available Tuesday, 9am PST October 13th, 2015 from Dark Hall Mansion HERE. More info HERE.

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Art Nouveau Glass Flower...

By Peloto Thomson

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Art Nouveau Glass Flower Vases

Musée Fin de Siècle

Brussels - Belgium

photos CJMN

Credo che alcuni siano della Daum..la Casa di Nancy specializzata in fantastiche opere in pate de verre…adoro ♥ E mi ricorda il mio lavoro…

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