Art Nouveau Glass Flower...

By Peloto Thomson

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Art Nouveau Glass Flower Vases

Musée Fin de Siècle

Brussels - Belgium

photos CJMN

Credo che alcuni siano della Daum..la Casa di Nancy specializzata in fantastiche opere in pate de verre…adoro ♥ E mi ricorda il mio lavoro…

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Beautiful Decorative Deer Sculptures by Natasha...

By Peloto Thomson

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Beautiful Decorative Deer Sculptures by Natasha Cousens  

Natasha Cousens creates sculptures that can be considered a new form of taxidermy. Instead of the real thing, her pieces are beautifully crafted wooden sculptures of woodland creatures like foxes, deers, and rabbits. These cute forest dwellers are often embellished with decorative elements such as floral wreaths or guised in an unnatural color; making Cousen’s work soft, whimsical and fun.  Source:emptykingdom and kerli.buzznet

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