By Peloto Thomson

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African HeroRats detect landmines.

Using positive reinforcement behavior that is respectful of the animals, African pouched rats are taught to identify the explosives, receiving treats for their efforts. After months of training, the rats are set a test and accredited as HeroRats if they pass.

The pouched rats are perfect for the job; intelligent with a keen sense of smell, they are small enough not to trigger mines and large enough to be easily identifiable in the field. No rat has been killed in a minefield. Banana for scale

The rats can clear two hundred square meters in just 20 minutes. It would take humans with metal detectors five days to cover the same area.

The rats live for up to eight years, but retire after six and live out their twilight years eating avocados, apples and bananas, and being regularly patted by their handlers.

look at these wonderful rats saving lives and enjoying nanners.

Thank you, not-so-tiny rat friends!

OMG this is true and legit…. they are also trained to detect TB!

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“Arise! Arise, Riders of Theoden!...

By Peloto Thomson

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Arise! Arise, Riders of Theoden! Spears shall be shaken, shields shall be splintered! A sword day… A red day… ere the sun rises!”

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Photos Reveal The Full Spectrum Of Autumn’s...

By Peloto Thomson

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Photos Reveal The Full Spectrum Of Autumn’s Colors  

For people of the Northern Hemisphere, fall is officially here. The leaves are turning brilliant shades of orange, red, every shade of brown, gold and yellow; farmers’ markets are beginning to sell colorful carrots, peppers and pumpkins; the trees in the parks are all in different hues, creating a wonderful atmosphere with this huge explosion of color.

To celebrate the rainbow of colors that autumn brings us we’ve collected some beautiful photos that highlight the transitioning colors of autumn’s leaves and harvest.  Source:boredpanda

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