Jeremy Hush This artist draws from...

By Peloto Thomson

spider tarantula arachnid arthropod design art tattoo silhouette drawing art silhouette animal bird vulture design silhouette spider design art texture design tattoo art drawing cat feline animal kitten



 Jeremy Hush

This artist draws from a wealth of sources and influences. An avid world traveller, and a recognized initiate of the heavy metal and punk scenes, Hush has been creating work for zines and bands for years. Over the past few years he has been increasing his focus on his practice and exhibiting his art more extensively.

His work is haunting and beautiful, wild and chaotic, dark and saturated, but entirely unique. Clearly influenced to some extent by the linear styles of 19th century prints and drawings, his work combines this suggestion to a historical aesthetic precedent with a contemporary inflection in content. Artist website.

via http://thinkspacegallery.com/

the texture and color and motion here is really quite stunning

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Caught two of my bees making out. Probably...

By Peloto Thomson

monkey primate spider tarantula monkey primate howler monkey mammal monkey primate marmoset guenon


Caught two of my bees making out. Probably communicating through trophallaxis, but “anthropomorphic lies” is a part of reanimateobjects’ description, so…

monkey primate spider tarantula arachnid langur mammal arthropod animal marmoset howler monkey titi cute outdoors brabancon griffon happy guenon