Bandai Namco released some new images of the...

By Peloto Thomson

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Bandai Namco released some new images of the Lord of Cinder figurine included with the frighteningly expensive Dark Souls III Prestige Edition (though exact price and availability in most regions is yet to be announced), including how he stacks up against last year’s Faraam Knight from DSII’s Collector’s Edition.

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Broken India Indian...

By Peloto Thomson

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Broken India

Indian company based in Singapore called Limitless is behind a new campaign called Broken India which challenges the idolization of poverty, pollution and turmoil which is usually hidden through travel photography. The thought-provoking images are found on their Instagram, which reveals a highly stylized set of images, which differentiate the reality from the dream.

Imágenes que hacen reflexionar sobre la realidad que muestra Instagram y los medios publicitarios versus la realidad.

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