Universal Classic Monsters by Nicolas Delort /...

By Peloto Thomson

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Universal Classic Monsters by Nicolas Delort / Tumblr

18″ X 24″ 7 print series screen prints, numbered regular edition of 295 and variant edition of 125. Foil regular and variant editions of 10 respectively, plus a wood edition of 10. 

Available Tuesday, 9am PST October 13th, 2015 from Dark Hall Mansion HERE. More info HERE.

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Realistic Wheat-Pasted Figures Playfully...

By Peloto Thomson

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Realistic Wheat-Pasted Figures Playfully Interact with Parisian Streets

Artist Charles Leval, aka Levalet, continues to delight us with his wheat-pasted characters that cleverly interact with their surroundings. Using the streets of Paris as his playground, Levalet installs the realistically-rendered, life-sized figures on tattered buildings and boarded-up windows, sometimes combining his giant drawings with ornate fountains to create the illusion that these architectural elements have suddenly sprung to life.

Levalet’s pastings add an element of fun to the urban environment. They turn distressed locales into makeshift art galleries. Each location is suddenly yet seamlessly turned into the site of an atypical art venue featuring Levalet’s amusing works. These artworks include anything from the image of a young man riding an ostrich to a woman walking her menagerie along a bus stop. And in a nod to the city’s history, there’s even a person about to launch themselves out of a 17th-century style cannon. Each piece is unique and immerses itself into the landscape, making living in the city a more enriching experience. Via MMM

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Beautiful Decorative Deer Sculptures by Natasha...

By Peloto Thomson

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Beautiful Decorative Deer Sculptures by Natasha Cousens  

Natasha Cousens creates sculptures that can be considered a new form of taxidermy. Instead of the real thing, her pieces are beautifully crafted wooden sculptures of woodland creatures like foxes, deers, and rabbits. These cute forest dwellers are often embellished with decorative elements such as floral wreaths or guised in an unnatural color; making Cousen’s work soft, whimsical and fun.  Source:emptykingdom and kerli.buzznet

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