By Peloto Thomson

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Meanwhile in Africa

Caught slipping

‘Thought I wasn’t gonna fuck u up in front of all these people huh?’

“But we got yo ass.” *hears horn honk* “Go Around!!”


Omfg the “Go around”. I’m done. 😂

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September 8 2015 - A...

By Peloto Thomson

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September 8 2015 - A Hungarian camerawoman was fired after kicking and tripping refugees, including children, running from the police. She worked for the far-right Jobbik-affiliated channel N1. This comes after another Hungarian news channel’s leaked internal memo that requested refugee children be excluded from news packages. [video]

Parece ser que ha sido despedida (obviamente) y está escondida. Eso sí, con el cerebro que debe tener, aún se estará preguntando el por qué.

Por lo menos la han despedido. Ahora solo falta expulsarla de la tierra en un cohete.

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