By Peloto Thomson

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Retro Game Room Version 2 I needed to patch the walls and paint, so I thought I might as well change it all up.

23 different consoles and handhelds, about 450 old games. Framemeister xrgb-mini upscaler so it doesn’t look bad on a new tv, handmade custom MAME cabinet, and a fuzzy chair and fuzzy carpet :)

A lot of work, and a lifetime of collecting!

And no girlfriend

In an incredible plot twist, I’m actually someone’s wife.

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Dana Wsye, ‘Pills & Remedies’, from the...

By Peloto Thomson

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Dana Wsye, ‘Pills & Remedies’, from the series ‘Jesus Had A Sister Productions’, 1996-2003

Canadian artist creates fictitious pharmaceutical company that uses 60′s retro and kitsch imagery to sell cures and remedies that aim to dissect our utopic quest for perfection.  

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“This computer is...

By Peloto Thomson

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“This computer is NEVER OBSOLETE.”

15gb hard drive.

>never obsolete  >celeron processor

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