How to get late to class like a boss impressive I...

By Peloto Thomson

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How to get late to class like a boss



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By Peloto Thomson

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Å̦̬̥͍͉̭̐͟͝R̻̲̲̩͕ͦ̽ͫ͡E̹͙̼͔̰̭̥͚ͦ͐͝ ̶́͏͉Y̴̱̤̣̽̾̂̈̓́̚Ǫ͉̊̂ͮ̅ͥ́Ű̷̘͉͙̣̘͈̥ͮ̔͢ ̧̘̟̙̫̱̤ͬͮ͂͟͡R̶͛ͫ̀҉͕͙̰̠ͅE̓͐̋̓̆̈҉̥͉̹̯̩Ã̸͉̰̞̰̫̹͉D̦̙͚̄̄̒̓͛̀ͫͨ͐Y̶̧̥̯̹͛ͩ̍͆ͨ̈́̏̓ͦ ̾̍͊͆ͮͧͧ͒͘҉̰̠̪͙͇̲̠ͅK̶̖̝͔̹̻̳ͪ͂͋̔͛͑̚͠I̷̷̍̉ͨ̽͒̈͏̙D͕̥̖̤̐̎ͪ̔̆S̲̩͓̏̉ͯ͢?͖̹̞͔͈̝̪̞̓ͥ̉ͪ͐͂̔̌̀̕ 

Update: he is now on the ceiling and possibly even more terrifying than before


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31 Days, 31 Childhood Favorites | day six↳ The...

By Peloto Thomson

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31 Days, 31 Childhood Favorites | day sixThe Addams Family

When I was a kid, my aunt had exactly two VHS tapes in her house which I could sit and watch rather than socialize with family. One was Grease, the other was The Addams Family. The latter won out just about every time. Thus began my lifelong journey to be more like Anjelica Huston’s Morticia and, of course, to find myself a Gomez by way of Raul Julia. 

The Addams Family have existed in numerous iterations since Charles Addams originally created the characters in the 1930s. The film is a great mix of the dark humor of the live-action series and the absurdity of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon, with an incredible cast to pull everything together. Originally Tim Burton was tapped to direct the film, which one can only assume would have led to a Johnny Depp Gomez. Dodged a bullet there.

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By Peloto Thomson

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The scariest part of Halloween is how anatomically incorrect these decorations are.


listen, sometimes necromancers get bored, and there’s always lots of little bones laying around….

“Gonna make a bone spider”



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Last year I posted a small series of images that...

By Peloto Thomson

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Bad Dreams / Worse Reality Grin Down / Drowning See: Sad Ailment / Mental Disease A Cheaply Planted Mind / Mentally Handicapped An Idle Self / Self Denial Great Day / Tragedy Prime Dissonance / Manic Depression RE: Somberly Moping / Ignore My Problems Idling Life Cause / Feeling Suicidal I'm Sorry


Last year I posted a small series of images that illustrated my experience with depression and anxiety. It resonated with quite a few people, so I felt that it was something I should continue to build upon. I worked on it all semester as part of a portfolio class, and while it was a ton of work, I’m glad I was able to do it.

Mental health disorders are such a taboo topic. If you ever bring it up in conversation, people awkwardly get silent, or try to tell you why it’s not a real problem. When I was in the worst parts of depression, the most helpful thing anyone could have done was to just listen to me - not judging, not trying to find a solution, just listen. I’m hoping that these images will help open up conversation about mental health issues. Everyone is or will be affected by them one way or another, and ignoring them doesn’t make things better.

You can see the rest of the images at www.edwardhonaker.com

16x20" prints on 20x24" mats

Artist statement after the jump:

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