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Student creates beautiful banknotes for a fictional currency

Student artist Barbara Bernat creatively re-imagines Hungarian paper money with designs that look like pages from a naturalist’s sketchbook.  The artist created these beautiful banknotes for a fictional currency, the Hungarian Euro, as her thesis project. She etched the drawings on copper plates, which allowed her to produce prints recreating the quality and detail characteristic of secure paper currency.

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ser-louis look at all this incredible printmaking

*screaming* oh my god this is beautiful.

fuck the euro, i want these!

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Awesome Sculptures by Michael James...

By Peloto Thomson

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Awesome Sculptures by Michael James Talbot

Beautifully oxidized bronze sculptures of elongated women by Michael Talbot

 The contrast between lightness, harmonious movement and supposed rigid and heavy material

on Calken Gallery   

source:  designcollector                                                                                                                   

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By Peloto Thomson

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Students Cover Up Girls’ Bathroom Mirrors To Stress God Over Looks

Students at a private Christian school in Kansas covered the mirrors of the girls’ bathrooms with paper to tell their peers their outward appearance is less important than their faith.

This is actually super detrimental lmao

El mensaje está muy bien, pero luego vas con un moco colgando por la vida y a lo mejor no te mola el plan.

(Pondría el post de que uno también tiene derecho a que no le gusten cosas de uno mismo pero no lo encuentro).

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