Magic and Monsters - Painting by John...

By Peloto Thomson

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Magic and Monsters - Painting by John Brosio

John Brosio is a California artist brought up in the era of Star Wars.  He began drawing early in life and his ambition was to, “make my way into working for George Lucas in Northern CA” (via artist bio)  His work is full of tornadoes and quirky references (brides gone bad comes up a few times).  He also had the wonderful to luck have Wayne Thiebaud as a teacher at art school.  Prints of John Brosio’s work are available on his website.

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I’d like to introduce you...

By Peloto Thomson

turkey turtle armadillo bird nail texture fastener close mongoose viverrine lizard mammal water terrapin bird summer sidewinder snake rattlesnake viper






I’d like to introduce you to….

The pangolin

It walks on its two hind legs

Nicknamed the Walking Artichoke

or the Anteater Pinecones

They look utterly ridiculous and they are my favourite thing you’re welcome and goodbye

That’s a fucking Sandshrew.

It’s a small dragon.

They’re so hunchbacked that even though they walk on two legs their front feet are almost always scraping the ground.

BONUS! Tree-dwelling version!!!

Also bonus, There’s a fuckton of different kinds!


Also! they’re going extinct due to poaching because people love their golden scaley pelts! These are the only mammals in existence to grow actual scales, created from fused fur, like rhino horns! If you would like to donate to their conservation fund, or find out more about Pangolins in general, go here!


They look like small dinosaurs that didn’t get the memo about the extinction because their email was down that day.

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