This is beyond-beautiful background art from Curses...

By Peloto Thomson

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This is beyond-beautiful background art from Curses ‘N Chaos by tributegames, pixeled to perfection by Stéphane Boutin a.k.a. jgsboutain.

Check out the game’s release trailer and follow Tribute Games on Facebook and Twitter if you’re into awesome Canadian indie game developers.

I’ve been having a lot of fun listening to how the sausage is made on the tributegamespodcast (hey, I need new episodes!!!), not to mention that besides Stéphane, Tribute Games is home to the amazeballs of an artist/designer/person/tumblrafficionado dom2d, as well as pixel art master johanvinet (*cough* artist feature *cough*).

While we’re waiting for the Curses to come out (any day now), why not play Tribute’s first title, the pixel art breakout Wizorb. It was even made with XNA! Ah, nostalgia. My love for this team is infinite.

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Pictures by oer-wout. I really think he needs...

By Peloto Thomson

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http://oer-wout.deviantart.com/art/Ad-Libitum-351500855 http://oer-wout.deviantart.com/art/Ad-Libitum-III-363476265 http://oer-wout.deviantart.com/art/Ad-Libitum-V-388617596 http://oer-wout.deviantart.com/art/Dream-on-364710335 http://oer-wout.deviantart.com/art/In-every-leaf-every-tear-358518520 http://oer-wout.deviantart.com/art/Way-of-the-Wizzard-389667070 http://oer-wout.deviantart.com/art/Become-the-Unknown-381527610 http://oer-wout.deviantart.com/art/Ad-Libitum-IV-377673466

Pictures by oer-wout. I really think he needs more credit. His work is beautiful, so why wouldn’t you credit him?

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