Street Art Duo from...

By Peloto Thomson

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Street Art Duo from Valencia: Pichi&Avo

All has began in 2007, bringing a spectacularly lucid splash of Mediterranean colour to the streets of Valencia and wider Spain, Pichi and Avo have infused a stunning level of figurative detail into their work. Hints of surrealism leap out and slap the viewer about while drawing you into a radiant explosion of unrestrained, spray painted talent. Creating a massive stir in their hometown and just about to set the rest of Europe ablaze, leads them to participate in numerous national and international events. Pichi & Avo are one, fleeing the egocentrism of graffiti and come together to give birth a single work, two similar visions of the world are a result of their work. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook - are sure to find something for everyone!

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Iberian and Celtiberian heritage of...

By Peloto Thomson

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http://mundomilitaria.es/foro/index.php?topic=9754.0 Estandarte. Necrópolis de Numancia. Soria, Spain. http://www.fotoviajero.com/tags/arte-iberico/guerrero-de-osuna_1629 http://www.fotoviajero.com/recent/bicha-de-balazote_1732 http://www.fotoviajero.com/recent/gran-dama-oferente_1649


Iberian and Celtiberian heritage of Spain. 

The Iberians were a set of peoples that Greek and Roman sources identified with that name in the eastern and southern coasts of the Iberian peninsula at least from the 6th century BC.

The Celtiberians were celtic-speaking people of the Iberian Peninsula in the final centuries BC. Extant tribal names include the Arevaci, Belli, Titti, Lusones, and Berones. Cassius Dio appears to imply that the Ebro river forms a demarcation between Celtiberians and other tribes.

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