Bandai Namco released some new images of the...

By Peloto Thomson

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Bandai Namco released some new images of the Lord of Cinder figurine included with the frighteningly expensive Dark Souls III Prestige Edition (though exact price and availability in most regions is yet to be announced), including how he stacks up against last year’s Faraam Knight from DSII’s Collector’s Edition.

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Quina Quen - Final Fantasy IX #quina #quinaquen...

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Quina Quen - Final Fantasy IX #quina #quinaquen #ff9 #ffix #finalfantasy #portrait #fanart #sketch daverapoza.com

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Iberian and Celtiberian heritage of...

By Peloto Thomson

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http://mundomilitaria.es/foro/index.php?topic=9754.0 Estandarte. Necrópolis de Numancia. Soria, Spain. http://www.fotoviajero.com/tags/arte-iberico/guerrero-de-osuna_1629 http://www.fotoviajero.com/recent/bicha-de-balazote_1732 http://www.fotoviajero.com/recent/gran-dama-oferente_1649


Iberian and Celtiberian heritage of Spain. 

The Iberians were a set of peoples that Greek and Roman sources identified with that name in the eastern and southern coasts of the Iberian peninsula at least from the 6th century BC.

The Celtiberians were celtic-speaking people of the Iberian Peninsula in the final centuries BC. Extant tribal names include the Arevaci, Belli, Titti, Lusones, and Berones. Cassius Dio appears to imply that the Ebro river forms a demarcation between Celtiberians and other tribes.

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