By Peloto Thomson

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A Summary of Marvel Movies

Was that last one really necessary

fundamental rule of marvel comics, no one stays dead, except uncle ben. 

Traduzco el comentario anterior. “ Nadie permanece muerto, salvo el tío Ben”. Antes era “ Nadie permanece muerto, salvo Bucky y el tío Ben” así que nunca se sabe!

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Last year I posted a small series of images that...

By Peloto Thomson

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Bad Dreams / Worse Reality Grin Down / Drowning See: Sad Ailment / Mental Disease A Cheaply Planted Mind / Mentally Handicapped An Idle Self / Self Denial Great Day / Tragedy Prime Dissonance / Manic Depression RE: Somberly Moping / Ignore My Problems Idling Life Cause / Feeling Suicidal I'm Sorry


Last year I posted a small series of images that illustrated my experience with depression and anxiety. It resonated with quite a few people, so I felt that it was something I should continue to build upon. I worked on it all semester as part of a portfolio class, and while it was a ton of work, I’m glad I was able to do it.

Mental health disorders are such a taboo topic. If you ever bring it up in conversation, people awkwardly get silent, or try to tell you why it’s not a real problem. When I was in the worst parts of depression, the most helpful thing anyone could have done was to just listen to me - not judging, not trying to find a solution, just listen. I’m hoping that these images will help open up conversation about mental health issues. Everyone is or will be affected by them one way or another, and ignoring them doesn’t make things better.

You can see the rest of the images at www.edwardhonaker.com

16x20" prints on 20x24" mats

Artist statement after the jump:

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By Peloto Thomson

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Photographer Mattias Klum from National Geographic gets close and personal with a lion.

“and all of a sudden you feel very small” damn right


please, if you are able, do what you can for the asiatic lion. donate, get involved, spread information. there are only about 300 left in the world, and they all live in Gir Forest National Park in India.

the african lion is also estimated to be extinct by 2050 due to habitat loss, sport hunting, and loss of their prey base to the bushmeat trade. these beautiful creatures could be extinct in our lifetime. the next generation may not ever have the chance to see these creatures, there will be no more cute lion vines, there will be no more documentaries, there will be no more zoos or sanctuaries containing lions. there will be no more lions.

if you have any love for nature, any love for animals, any love for life, and if you care at all about the permanent loss of a species, especially one so beautiful and iconic, if you care and if you are able, please donate to help save lions.

The Lion Conservation Fund

The African Wildlife Foundation

The World Wildlife Foundation

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