This is beyond-beautiful background art from Curses...

By Peloto Thomson

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This is beyond-beautiful background art from Curses ‘N Chaos by tributegames, pixeled to perfection by Stéphane Boutin a.k.a. jgsboutain.

Check out the game’s release trailer and follow Tribute Games on Facebook and Twitter if you’re into awesome Canadian indie game developers.

I’ve been having a lot of fun listening to how the sausage is made on the tributegamespodcast (hey, I need new episodes!!!), not to mention that besides Stéphane, Tribute Games is home to the amazeballs of an artist/designer/person/tumblrafficionado dom2d, as well as pixel art master johanvinet (*cough* artist feature *cough*).

While we’re waiting for the Curses to come out (any day now), why not play Tribute’s first title, the pixel art breakout Wizorb. It was even made with XNA! Ah, nostalgia. My love for this team is infinite.

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Photographer Alice Smeets Teams Up With Haitian...

By Peloto Thomson

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Photographer Alice Smeets Teams Up With Haitian Artists to Transform Tarot Cards Into Real Scenes

Fateful visions from traditional tarot cards literally come alive in the streets of Haiti in Alice Smeets’ photographic recreation of a full deck, the Ghetto Tarot. For the photo series, the Belgian photographer collaborated with the Haitian artist corps Atis Rezistans (resistant artists), staging tableaus to reinterpret the early 20th century Rider-Waite tarot deck. To honor the diverse talents of her subjects, Smeets scatters the artists’ work throughout the scenes as props and backgrounds.

In creating the Ghetto Tarot, the photographer took the chance to continue her photographic work in Haiti, for which she was awarded the Unicef Photo of the Year Award in 2008 whilst pursuing her fascination with the spiritual world. “For a long time, I have wanted to interpret the tarot deck with my photos,” explains Smeets on the project’s Indiegogo page, “but taking ordinary pictures of the scenes seemed too simple. My aim was to create a very personal deck without losing the different spirits of the cards.” Source: thecreatorsproject 


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